GetMyPolicy Blogs – OVHC and OSHC Health Insurance

7 Most Important Terms to Consider for Australia Health Insurance Plan

A large number of people find “Investment” an intimidating process as it demands to figure out the best one on the basis of information available....Read More

Steps to claim your overseas health insurance cover

Making a claim is an inevitable part of Overseas Health Insurance Cover. Do not hurry while claiming the services you avail....Read More

What is waiting period in OVHC and OSHC? Why is it Important to serve waiting period?

A waiting period is a total period one has to wait before you can start to claim on health insurance plan! It applies to both public and private hospital and extra cover....Read More

How to Find a Doctor in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful place to live in and expensive as well, especially when it comes to bear any medical expenses....Read More

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) to the rescue: Natasha’s Australian Sojourn

Australia & high medical costs are synonymous, aren’t they? Don’t agree? Maybe you consider pairing up Australia with kangaroos & tourists....Read More

Make your Australian Visit Medical Bills Free with Overseas Visitor Health Insurance!

You could have an ‘n’ number of reasons for visiting one of the best countries in the world, Australia....Read More

Reasons for EXORBITANT Pricing: OSHC Couple Insurance

OSHC health insurance is more than a prerequisite for getting a students visa for Australia....Read More

Hand – In – Hand: Australia Visas and Health Covers

Let’s start right from the basics. Why is an Overseas Student or a Visitors Health Cover necessary in Australia? Is it over – hyped? Is it compulsory and why?...Read More

With OSHC, Secure Your Health and College Life In Australia

Let’s start our blog with Mike’s story. Mike is a student of a popular college in Australia. Like other students, he goes to college, studies, does extra-curricular activities, plays sports etc....Read More

Know in-depth about your OSHC Membership Card!

If you’re an international student planning to visit Australia, then arranging an Overseas Student Health Cover is very crucial for your Visa process....Read More

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