GetMyPolicy Blogs – OVHC and OSHC Health Insurance

Steps to Claim Your Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Making a claim is an inevitable part of Overseas Health Insurance Cover. Do not hurry while claiming the services you avail....Read More

What is waiting period in OVHC and OSHC? Why is it Important to serve waiting period?

A waiting period is a total period one has to wait before you can start to claim on health insurance plan! It applies to both public and private hospital and extra cover....Read More

Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) Health Insurance Requirements

Many International students studying in Australia enter a very exciting phase in their life when they graduate from their course and apply for their temporary graduate visa 485....Read More

The Cost of Overseas Health Insurance for Couples Vs Individuals

OSHC health insurance is more than a prerequisite for getting a students visa for Australia....Read More

7 Most Important Terms to Consider for Australia Health Insurance Plan

A large number of people find “Investment” an intimidating process as it demands to figure out the best one on the basis of information available....Read More

Pharmacy Expenses Claim Process for OSHC Policy

Pharmacy bills containing prescription medicines prescribed by a doctor/GP while in Australia is covered under your OSHC policy....Read More

Hand – In – Hand: Australia Visas and Health Covers

Let’s start right from the basics. Why is an Overseas Student or a Visitors Health Cover necessary in Australia? Is it over – hyped? Is it compulsory and why?...Read More

A Guide to The 485 Visa Health Insurance - Things You Need to Know

Many students want to extend their stay in Australia after they have completed their studies. They can do so by applying a Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485....Read More

International Students Who Are Stuck in Their Home Country After Securing Their Student Visa, What Happens to Your OSHC?

The importance of international students in Australia is pretty high as it contributes approx. $40 billion to the country’s economy and many of them go on to become responsible citizens of the country. ...Read More

How Are OSHC Providers in Australia Responding During COVID-19 Pandemic?

The world is currently dealing with COVID-19 pandemic and experiencing a very challenging situation health-wise. If you are an international student and trapped in Australia because of the crisis, you might feel concerned about how your OSHC provider reacts to this situation....Read More