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Understanding OVHC, Comprehensive FAQs
What is OVHC?

Overseas Visitor Health Cover, or OVHC, is a type of health insurance specifically designed for people visiting Australia. It helps cover the costs of medical treatment you might need during your stay.

Why do I need OVHC in Australia?

In Australia, medical care can be quite expensive. OVHC helps protect you from high medical costs and ensures you get the necessary treatment without financial strain.

Is OVHC mandatory for all visitors to Australia?

It depends on your visa type. While it's mandatory for some visas, such as the 482 and 485, it's not required for others. However, it's always advisable to have it for your peace of mind.

What does OVHC cover?

OVHC usually covers doctor visits, hospital treatments, emergency ambulance services, and some prescription medicines. But remember, the extent of coverage varies between policies.

Does the OVHC cover pre-existing conditions?

This can be tricky. Some OVHC policies cover certain pre-existing conditions, but there might be a waiting period. It's essential to check this with your insurer.

Can I get coverage for my family under the OVHC?

Absolutely. Most OVHC providers offer plans that can cover your spouse and children. This is known as a family policy.

How do I choose the right OVHC plan?

Consider factors like the length of your stay, your health needs, and your budget. Compare different plans and read the policy details carefully.

How much does OVHC cost?

The cost of OVHC varies based on factors such as the level of coverage you choose and the insurer you go with. It's important to compare prices from different providers to find a plan that fits within your budget. To simplify this process, you can use This platform allows you to easily compare policies and pricing from a variety of insurers, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Can I switch my OVHC provider?

Yes, you can switch providers if you find a better deal. Just ensure there's no gap in your coverage during the switch.

What happens if I don’t have OVHC?

Without OVHC, you'd be responsible for all your medical expenses in Australia, which can be incredibly high in cases of emergencies or serious health issues.

How do I use my OVHC?

If you need medical treatment, show your OVHC card at the hospital or clinic. For most plans, you can also claim online for out-of-pocket expenses.

How long does the OVHC coverage last?

Your OVHC policy duration will depend on the length of your visa or your stay in Australia. You can renew or extend it as needed.

Does the OVHC cover dental and optical services?

Standard OVHC plans usually don’t cover these. However, you can opt for additional coverage for dental and optical services.

What should I do if I extend my visa?

If you extend your visa, make sure to extend your OVHC coverage accordingly. It’s vital to remain compliant with visa requirements.

Does OVHC cover me in other countries?

No, OVHC is designed to cover you only while you're in Australia. For international coverage, you would need travel insurance.

How do I claim expenses under my OVHC?

For claims, submit the necessary documents, like bills and receipts, to your insurance provider. Most providers offer an online claim process.

What is the waiting period for OVHC?

Waiting periods can apply for certain conditions or treatments. It’s the time you need to wait before you can make a claim for these services.

How do I renew my OVHC?

You can renew your OVHC online through your provider’s or website. It’s best to renew before your current policy expires to avoid any coverage gaps. Let us know if you have any questions related to the OVHC policy.

What if I leave Australia before my OVHC expires?

If you leave Australia permanently, you can cancel your OVHC and may be eligible for a refund for the unused portion, depending on your provider’s policy.

Where can I get assistance if I have issues with my OVHC?

For any issues, start by contacting your insurance provider. If unresolved, you can seek help from the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman in Australia.