Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) Health Insurance Requirements

Many international students studying in Australia enter a very exciting phase in their life when they graduate from their course and apply for a temporary graduate visa 485.


What is a 485 Temporary Graduate Visa?

The 485 Temporary Graduate visa allows international students to live, study and work in Australia temporarily upon graduating from an Australian educational institution.

However, they will still need to arrange adequate overseas health insurance (OVHC Australia) for yourself and any family member, if applicable.

Students have around 2 months to plan for this visa as there is a necessity to lodge the 485 visa application before their student visa will expire. With such a short time, more often than not, students oversee the 485 visa health insurance.

The duration of your stay in Australia will be based on one of the three streams offered under this visa category, viz., Graduate Work, Post-Study Work, and Second Post-study Work.
But first, let’s see the eligibility criteria for a 485 visa:
  • be younger than 50 years of age
  • hold an eligible visa
  • have held a student visa in the last 6 months
  • have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course
  • nominate one stream only - it is not possible to change visa streams after you apply
  • attach specified evidence when you apply

Types of 485 Visa Health Cover 

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485)

Graduate Work Stream

Post-Study Work Stream

Second Post-Study Work Stream


Can work in Australia

Can work in Australia

Can work in Australia


Can bring your family with you

Can bring your family with you

Can bring your family with you


Have a qualification relevant to an occupation on the skilled occupation list

Need a recent degree a CRICOS-registered course



24 Months

Between 2 to 4 years

Between 1 to 2 years

Processing Time

17 to 19 Months

9 to 14 Months



OVHC Australia:

All 485 visa applicants are required to purchase an Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) to meet their visa requirements. 485 visa applicants of both Graduate Workstream and Post- Study Workstream have to satisfy visa condition 8501 which mandates to buy the health insurance policy. The visa condition 8501 states that applicants should demonstrate that they have the adequate arrangement for health insurance for the entire period of their stay in Australia.
What is considered an adequate health arrangement by the Department of Home Affairs?
Your 485 visa health insurance policy must at least cover benefits equivalent to:

  • public hospital treatment in an Australian State/Territory
  • surgically implanted prostheses
  • pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) listed drugs
  • medical services, and
  • ambulance services, including inter-hospital transfers.
Within the above specification, TR applicants can choose from a range of OVHC policies available in the market. But narrowing down to the right policy simply depends on the policy buyer’s health care needs.

485 Visa Health Insurance Requirements:

Health insurance requirements for 485 temporary graduate immigration visa effective March 21st, 2013 allows Post-Study Workstream applicants to live up to 4 years.
To meet 485.215 conditions, the visa application must be supported with evidence that the applicant:
  • had adequate arrangements in Australia for health insurance and
  •  has had adequate arrangements in Australia for health insurance since the time the application was made.
That is, to cover the period between when the application was made and when the decision-maker is assessing the application (known as the time of decision).

The 485 visa health cover requirements for the secondary applicant are also the same - refer to 485.312

Types of OVHC Policies:

You can choose from the following overseas health insurance:-
A Low Range cover - Covers yourself and your families’ ambulance and hospital expenses. These policies also cost the lowest.
A Medium Range cover – Depending on the insurance provider, this level of policy will cover for Out of Hospital treatment (GP’s and specialist Doctor services) other than Hospital expenses and some prescription medicines. These policies cost in the median range between AUD 105 – $250 for a single cover policy.
A Top Range cover - More comprehensive coverage for private hospital treatment than the above two covers with more options of receiving benefits towards dental, optical and physio treatments (Extent of coverage vary according to the Insurance Provider). A top range cover is more expensive compared to the other two.
IMAN OVHC, Allianz Care Australia OVHC, Australian Unity, BUPA OVHC are leading Australian Health Insurance Providers that provide policies of all ranges from standard to comprehensive coverage.

OVHC Australia with an Auto-debit Option:

Unlike an OSHC policy, the visitors’ and workers’ health cover (OVHC) does not demand the policy buyer to pay the premium in full for the entire duration of stay. You can opt for an auto-debit option with your Health Insurance provider on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly payment basis.
Lastly, always Compare & Buy:
It is always good to research and get the best insurance policy that suits your health care needs and budget. Choosing the right policy using a comparison resource like www.getmypolicy.online will help you save time, effort, and most importantly money.

Opting for the policy that aligns with your health needs now will help you save money at the time of purchase and the overhead costs if you require medical treatment at a later stage. You can get fast quotes, complete the purchase online and get a Visa letter within minutes. Make your OVHC Australia policy purchase hassle-free through www.getmypolicy.online.

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