Why Overseas Visitor Health Cover Is Essential to Live or Work in Australia?

Australia is an exotic and beautiful nation! It's a dream for many to live and work in this country!

There are many benefits for working and living in Australia! Who doesn't like Lash greeneries, hills or lovely beaches to wake up! It's a nation where individuals are also very friendly! So socializing in Kangaroos country becomes simple!

If you have been given an opportunity to migrate to Australia with your family members, you’d probably be working by the sweat of your brow to make the most out of this.

You desperately want the department of immigration to give your visa a green signal, so go through the criteria carefully to make sure you have all the documents you need to apply for the visa.

Wait… health insurance cover!!!

I am young and healthy. Why do I need that? You ask with uncertainty!

Well, more often applicants face delay in their visa processing as they fail to submit some crucial documents.

An adequate level of Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) is one of them.

All the temporary visas of Australia are subject to 8501 condition, which require an applicant along with the accompanying family members to have health insurance for the entire duration of stay in Australia. It assures a hassle-free access to Medicare (a publicly funded universal health care system in Australia) services during any of the following situations.

Health Deterioration Due to Unsuitable Weather

Weather is the most important factor that many immigrants overlook when moving to a different country. Australia’s climate is as diverse as its culture. The country has been labelled as one of the most vulnerable one to climate change due to high importance of its agriculture sector and prominence of its coast.

The changing climate can have significant repercussions on health like high blood pressure, headaches & migraines, asthma, eczema, and sometimes heart attacks and stroke too. This is where the benefits of having a health insurance can be clearly seen. It typically pays 80 to 90 percent of the costs after the deductible has been reached.

Injury due to accident

Accidents can happen to anyone. They are unanticipated and often result in severe injuries. This cause huge hospitalisation expenses be it private or public hospital along with corresponding medical bills. With an appropriate health insurance cover, you are not only backed against such bills but also get saved from financial hardships.

Dental emergencies

Imagine how irritating or upsetting it can be when something as small as a fragmented tooth can literally force you to book your return flight for treatment. All because you cannot afford the costs of the treatment in Australia. Having the dental emergency covered in your policy means you can continue to enjoy pain-free stay in Australia whilst getting quality treatment by the specialists.


With exponential increase in health care costs, it is essential to have a health insurance that can help you in the long run. So before you rush to buy one, why not compare multiple health insurance plans by leading providers like Bupa, IMAN, Australian Unity, Medibank and Allianz Global Assistance first to choose the one that best meet your budget and visa requirements.

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