A Guide to The 485 Visa Health Insurance - Things You Need to Know

Many students want to extend their stay in Australia after they have completed their studies. They can do so by applying a Temporary Graduate Visa subclass 485. This visa gives students full work rights, and additional time to secure points under points test scheme for students who are also keen on securing a permanent residency in Australia.

Who needs a 485 visa?

A 485 Visa can be applied by all international graduates who have completed at least two academic years of study in Australia and wish to live in Australia for some time. You would also need to provide evidence of a valid Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) to get a Temporary Graduate visa, also called a 485 visa.

Who is eligible to apply for 485 visa?

The basic eligibilities to apply for a 485 visa are;

  • Must be under 50 years’ old
  • Must hold an eligible visa
  • Must have held a Student Visa in the past six months
  • Covered by a Bridging or Substantive visa
  • Must have studied a CRICOS-registered course for at least 92 academic weeks in Australia.
  • Apply under graduate work stream or post study work steam on the basis of level of course work completed while on the student visa.
  • One visa stream only nomination- stream can’t be changed after you apply
  • Meet the additional requirements
  • For Graduate Work Stream, you may need accreditation from the industry body that is associated with your qualification/skill

What are the choices of streams given in a temporary graduate visa?

Two choices of visa streams are available under a temporary graduate visa; i.e. Graduate Work Stream and Post-Study Work Stream. You can apply any of the streams.

Graduate Work Stream

If you have recently completed your graduation in a course that is relating to the occupation of skill shortage in Australia, you can apply or this visa. This visa allows you to study, stay and work in Australia.

  • You can work and stay in Australia up to 18 months
  • If you have a qualification applicable to an occupation on the skilled occupation list
  • Bring your family to Australia
  • The processing period for this visa is about four months

Post-study Work Stream

If you have completed a degree from an Australian university recently, you can stay and work in Australia with this visa stream.

  • Based on your qualification, you can work and live from 2 to 4 years in Australia
  • Have a degree from CRICOS-registered course
  • Bring your family to Australia
  • It takes approx. 4 months to process the visa

Is it necessary to complete an English Language test for 485 visa?

Yes, it is necessary to complete an English Language Test like IELTS, PTE as a part of your visa application to ensure your English proficiency.

Will I require to buy a health cover for my 485 visa?

During the time of the application, as a condition of your 485 Visa requirement, you will require to buy an Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC). Basically, a student needs a transition from their OSHC to an OVHC, i.e. a 485 visa health insurance. Having an adequate OVHC is essential to meet the 8501 visa condition.

The main difference between an OSHC and OVHC is that you will need to buy the OSHC at one go for the entire period of your stay in Australia. Whereas, you can pay the premium every month for your OVHC policy.

Remember, like an OSHC; you must have to maintain appropriate health insurance for your entire stay in Australia once your 485 visa request is granted, as well.

Checklist: What things to keep in mind before choosing the health cover?

There are some points one needs to keep in mind before purchasing the health cover. First, you need to know that there are three levels of cover for an OVHC. First, you can take only a Hospital cover, second, you can take a Hospital plus GP cover, and third, you can buy a Hospital plus GP plus Extras.

Now, you have to decide for how long you intend to stay in Australia? The next thing is how much can you afford? Depending on those two things, you can start looking for a cover.

Here is a tip. You should think about the budget before choosing a cover; however, you must check what type of coverage you require depending on your profession. You should opt for a higher cover if you are in a risky profession.

Likewise, if you have any chronic health issues or pre-existing conditions, you need to look for the policies that cover that illness. In that case, do not forget to buy Extras to cover facilities like dental, contact lenses, physiotherapy, psychology, chiropractic, hearing aids etc. as a part of your OVHC policy.

How can GetMyPolicy help you?

GetMyPolicy makes your job a lot easier if you are looking for the tailored health cover made for you. The leading insurance providers in Australia are listed under www.getmypolicy.online. You can find a wide range of OVHC Australia policies on this platform which are 100% visa compliant. Select the best cover that suits and need and budget, and you are good to go.
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