Steps to Claim Your Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Making a claim is an inevitable part of Overseas Health Insurance Cover. Do not hurry while claiming the services you avail. Follow this simple process and make a hassle-free claim!

In this short post, we have listed the step-by-step guide to help you claim for your OSHC policy as well as OVHC Australia. Let us begin with OSHC for Australia.

There are 2 ways to claim for your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Policy:-

How To Claim Your OSHC for Australia Policy: 

1. Online

  • Access your online membership account via the policy provider’s website or mobile app
  • Submit the claim form
  • Receive a unique claim reference number on your receipts
  • Scan and e-mail that receipt to the policy provider’s account

2. On-Campus

  • Claiming in person, visiting On-Campus customer service location
You can make a claim of your OSHC for Australia policy by logging into the policy provider’s website and submitting the claim form! You will receive a unique claim reference number on your receipts. Scan and e-mail your receipt to the policy provider’s account! For OSHC policy holder’s there is an advantage of claiming in person after visiting the on-Campus customer service location!
If you have a policy with Allianz Global Assistance, visit their website and click ‘Make a claim’! (

In case you choose Ahm OSHC or Australian Unity, you will find the details in ‘how to claim’. ( (

How To Claim Your OVHC Australia Policy:

If you have an Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) Australia Policy, you have to claim through:-

1. E-mail

  • Download the E-form from the website and print
  • After filling up the details, scan the form and upload it 
If you have a policy with Medibank, you can call them to make a claim! (

2. By Post

  • download and print the claim form
  • post it with receipts to the service provider’s address
Some service providers like BUPA has their App! * You can download and install it to make a claim! (

You may also find options to claim under Manage my cover under drop-down in Iman’s website. (

If you have a policy with NIB, log in to My Account and make and claim! (

At GetMyPolicy.Online, we always strive to provide you with the an easy comparison of OSHC & OVHC for Australia policies. Not only price comparison but aspiring international students, working & non-working visitor class can also compare policies on the basis of the features & benefits such as out-of-hospital, in-hospital medical services, accident & emergency department facility, waiting periods, refund policy, etc.
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