With OSHC, Secure Your Health and College Life In Australia

Let’s start our blog with Mike’s story. Mike is a student of a popular college in Australia. Like other students, he goes to college, studies, does extra-curricular activities, plays sports etc. As life is not always a bed of roses, for everyone -  no matter how strong we are, tend to feel under the weather sometimes. Such was the case with Mike one day.

Come to rescue, the Overseas Students Health Insurance.

Insurance for a disease! One may tend to think "What’s there in a disease?”

A private bed in Australian Hospitals could cost anywhere between $250-$600, in addition to doctor’s fees, prescription medicines, services etc. This could run into financial troubles; something which can be avoided with an OSHC plan.

Mike’s planning to follow and adhere to the health norms of Department of Home Affairs came to his rescue. The Department of Home Affairs states, according to condition 8501 of the student visa (subclass 500) states that "The visa holder must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance during their stay in Australia.”

But hey, why is it necessary for an overseas student to have an OSHC Insurance in Australia?

Like Mike, not all overseas students in Australia are eligible for Medicare, Australia’s health care system that offers a range of medical services for free or at a lower cost. Also, paying for emergency medical services can prove to be really costly in Australia. This is when an overseas health insurance comes to your rescue. It provides an access to free and/or affordable medical systems, in case of an unfortunate event.

An OSHC Cover (Overseas Students Health Insurance) is a health coverage specifically designed to help international students cover the costs of medical and hospital care for the duration of stay in Australia.

With an Overseas Students Health Cover, international students are covered for:

  • Hospital costs for treatment and accommodation
  • Out-of-hospital medical services
  • Ambulance services
  • 100% of MBS fee for any in-patient services like surgery or extended care for an illness
  • Public and private shared ward accommodation (only those private hospitals that are associated with OSHC insurance provider)
  • A couple of Prosthetic devices
  • Listed prescription medicines, mentioned and approved by the doctor

In some cases, depending upon the insurer, dental services, physiotherapy and chiropractic services and contact lenses and eye glass prescriptions are not covered – but then depending upon the insurer, it differs. Not to worry though, extra packages can always be bought for a small fee.

If one is riddled with thoughts on how to get a health policy, GetMyPolicy comes to your rescue! It’s important to know that the OSHC is mandatory for the entire duration of stay in Australia. However, due to a wide array of insurance policies available, it can prove to be quite tough and overwhelming to buy the best suitable OSHC. It is always advisable to compare health insurance plans to make sure you are covered for all medical contingencies.

The process is actually, quite simple. One starts with finding a clinic or a medical centre on the internet, and it is followed by making an appointment with a General Practitioner (GP). OSHC providers run the extra mile in offering members access to the doctor directly, via social media or phone. With some OSHC providers, one can consult a doctor 24x7 in the comforts of their home. If the problems appear out of bounds for the GP, one is referred to a specialist.

Okay, so from where to buy the OSHC? Who are the best insurers?

The Top leading health insurance providers of OSHC Student Health Cover are

Confused by the options? Hey, we at GetMyPolicy are here to help you! In here, you can compare various health insurance plans and chose the one best for you or your type of visa. Here, you can get specific insights on coverage patterns when it comes to Public and Private hospital treatments.

At GetMyPolicy.online, you’ll get the most extensive range of Plans from Government Approved Australian Health Insurance Providers. Compare and Choose instantly the plan that suits your needs, care and budget for your student visa for Australia.

To make a claim, if the concerned medical centre is a part of direct billing network of the insurance provider, one doesn’t have to pay for anything. The claims can be done in person, online or by post.

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