Why Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Is Necessary to Get Australian Student Visa?

That feeling is indeed exhilarating!

You’ve always dreamt of studying in Australia and the opportunity finally knocks at your door.

You got a Confirmation of Enrolment from the desired university to apply for student visa.

Every moment is now consumed preparing the application- collecting required academic certificates, evidence of sufficient funds & proving English language proficiency.

Did you make arrangement for the sufficient level of health insurance cover too?

But I am visiting Australia just to complete my studies. I’ve enough funds to take care of myself. Why would I need health insurance? You wonder.

Here’s why you need health cover!

The applicants of Australian student visa along with their dependents are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of stay in Australia. If you fail to get a health insurance cover, you are at a risk of having your visa cancelled.


What is OSHC?

OSHC is a health coverage specifically designed to help international students cover the costs of medical and hospital care for the duration of stay in Australia.

With OSHC, an international student is covered for:

  • Out-of-hospital medical services
  • Ambulance services
  • 100% of MBS fee for any in-patient services like surgery or extended care for an illness
  • Public and private shared ward accommodation (only those private hospitals that are associated with OSHC insurance provider)
  • Some Prosthetic devices
  • Pharmaceutical benefits up to $50 to a maximum of $300/year for an individual and $600 for families or couples

Depending on the level of cover you choose, OSHC also include costs for general treatment like dental, optical and physiotherapy.

There are also other treatments covered but include a waiting period. These include psychiatric or pregnancy related. The waiting period begins from the first day listed on student visa.

Why it is necessary for international students to buy OSHC?

International students in Australia are not eligible for Medicare, Australia’s health care system that offers a range of medical services for free or at a lower cost.

And paying for emergency medical services can be really costly in Australia. This is when overseas student health cover comes to the rescue. It provides an access to medical treatment that is available and affordable in case any unfortunate situation happens.

How much does OSHC cost?

The cost of OSHC varies depending upon the type of cover you need. There are three different levels of health cover.

Single – covers the main applicant i.e. overseas student

Dual family – covers the overseas student and either one adult spouse/de facto partner or one or more children younger than 18 years’ old

Multi-family – covers the overseas student and more than one dependant, including one adult spouse/de facto partner or one or more dependent children

Who are the top insurers of OSHC Australia?

Currently, there are five leading health insurance providers of OSHC:

  • BUPA Australia
  • Nib OSHC
  • Australian Health Management
  • Allianz Global Assistance
  • Medibank Private

How to make arrangements for OSHC?

You can choose to buy OSHC either from the education provider or OSHC approved provider. Regardless of your choice, it is mandatory to have a continuous coverage for the entire duration of stay in Australia. This particularly applies to those international students studying through two different institutions which make arrangements of insurance on student’s behalf.

If you are planning to choose your own OSHC approved provider, it can be quite tough and overwhelming to buy the best suitable one due to a wide array of insurance policies available. Hence, it is always advisable to compare health insurance plans to make sure you are covered for all medical contingencies.

At www.getmypolicy.online , you can compare wide range of OSHC plans by leading health providers and buy the one that perfectly fits your requirements. It serves you with unbiased comparison and also has quick and simplified buying process. And yes, there are no hidden costs too!

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with Australia

If you belong to the country that has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, you are eligible to access some subsidised health services with Medicare. This includes emergency care or care for an illness that needs to be treated immediately. You may be still required to have OSHC as the cover is limited.

So now you have understood the importance of having a health insurance, make sure you don’t let it become a barrier to fulfil your international dreams by not purchasing the one.

If you need further assistance to buy the right OSHC plan, Give us a buzz today! We’ll come with the best solutions in no time.

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