Pre-existing Conditions and Overseas Health Insurance

So, you’re planning to start a new chapter of your life in Australia whether as a visit or a business trip or to study, and you’re planning to buy the best Overseas Health Insurance plan for you and your family, but 
Do you know what a waiting period is?
Do you know what pre-existing conditions are?
How are pre-existing conditions assessed?
Why are there waiting periods?
What are the things to remember while buying an insurance plan?
So scroll down below to get the right information before you go on to buy the best Overseas Health Insurance Plans.

What is a Pre-existing Condition?

A pre-existing condition is an illness, an ailment or a condition of which you exhibit symptoms or signs of, before you got insured by the insurance policy, which can affect your health or your ability to work. There is no necessity for a diagnosis in this case. The pre-existing condition is determined in the opinion of the medical practitioner, appointed by the Health Insurance Provider, of any signs or symptoms which are reasonably evident to be prevailing since Six months before you are insured.
The pre-existing conditions can be life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, stroke or it can be less threatening like High Blood Pressure, Asthma or a joint injury.

What means as a "Waiting Period” for Pre-existing Conditions?

A "Waiting Period” is a time where the insured person has to wait for a certain period before they can claim from their Health Insurance. Usually, a Health Insurer may impose 12 months before any benefits can be claimed by the insured. The Waiting Period usually starts from the day you arrive in Australia or from the day your visa is granted- whichever is more recent. You typically have to wait for 12 months before claiming any benefits for any Pre-existing Conditions, 12 months for Pregnancy and 2 months for palliative care, psychiatric care, or rehabilitation.

Why is there a Waiting Period?

The Waiting period is not for denying Healthcare access to anyone; instead it is to protect Health Insurers and other members of the Healthcare funds. If there are no Waiting periods, anyone can take out a health cover or upgrade their cover only when they know or have a suspicion that they would need that health cover. They will then reap all the benefits from the cover, then cease the cover or downgrade their current cover to a lower level policy, which results in substantial Hospital bills which then have to be paid by the long-term members on that policy. This would be extremely unfair to the long-term members.  Once you serve the Waiting Period and become a long-term member, then you don’t have to pay excessively for those who get in and out of the hospital at their leisure. You can also then claim benefits from your Health Insurance provider after you serve the "Waiting period.”
In case you’re planning to switch between health insurance policies, your Waiting Period will be carried over, and you don’t have to re-serve the Waiting Period that you already served. But if you’re switching to higher-grade Health policy, then you will have to serve the Waiting period before claiming any benefits that your previous plan didn’t offer.
Remember that an Overseas Health Insurance Cover may vary from one insurer to another. The terms and conditions, as well as the Waiting Period of one insurance providers, differs from the other. Also, never hide your pre-existing condition which you have at the time of Health Inspection.
It is also the medical practitioner appointed by the Health Insurers who decides whether you have a pre-existing ailment, illness or a condition and not your current treating doctor. The medical practitioner will also see that if there is a connection between the illness, ailment, or a condition to the policy the insurer is going to avail.
For the holders of Overseas Visitor Health Cover and Overseas Student Health Cover, you should always check with your Insurance providers as to which benefits they provide, their terms and conditions, the Waiting period in that Health Insurance Policy. For more detailed information, visit Compare and buy from their most extensive range of insurance policies. Choose any cover type and for any Visa for Australia, and have a safe and carefree trip in Australia.
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