GetMyPolicy Blogs – OVHC and OSHC Health Insurance

OSHC Plan with Comprehensive Coverage – How it helped our client during Emergency?

This is the story of a young student Neeta, who like most of us, arrived in Australia to chase her dreams. Taking the decision of going overseas at the tender age of 19 was not easy for her as this was her first time leaving home and her family....Read More

How Buying Health Insurance from Australia Saves One from the Hassles of Claim Settlement?

Uday’s (name changed for privacy) parents visited Australia first time in 2014 on tourist visa. They got an insurance policy from a reputed Indian insurance company before arriving in Australia....Read More

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Overseas Health Insurance Policy

Most often, people looking to study or work in Australia have the same thought when they are asked to have an OSHC or OVHC to meet the health requirements for visa....Read More

Why Renewing OSHC & OVHC Is Significant to Ensure a Continuous & Stress-Free Stay in Australia?

You started your international journey in Australia with a great fervour. You worked tirelessly to make the most of every opportunity...Read More

Why Priyank Has to Face Problems with Health Insurance On Visiting Australia?

When it comes to visiting overseas temporarily, people have a tendency to buy health insurance cover without knowing the importance of getting familiar with the level of coverage....Read More

How Hazardous Choosing a Wrong Health Insurance Plan Can Be!

Getting a health insurance to visit or live in Australia is a thing that is often overlooked or given a less importance. ...Read More

Pregnancy Care in OSHC! Essential Things You Need to Know!

The thought of studying and getting a degree in Australia triggers endless number of questions in the mind of an international student....Read More

Why Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Is Necessary to Get Australian Student Visa?

That feeling is indeed exhilarating! You’ve always dreamt of studying in Australia and the opportunity finally knocks at your door....Read More

How to Buy the Right Overseas Visitor Health Cover in Less Than 10 Minutes?

Your planning to stay or work in Australia is going in a full-fledged manner. You have everything on the table except health insurance. You called your agent to discuss health covers....Read More

Why Overseas Visitor Health Cover Is Essential to Live or Work in Australia?

The thought of living or working in Australia always stimulates an adrenaline rush. It is the country where, the need to socialise isn’t defined by the day of the week, a talk about common interests or topical subjects...Read More