Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) to the rescue: Natasha’s Australian Sojourn

Australia & high medical costs are synonymous, aren’t they? Don’t agree? Maybe you consider pairing up Australia with kangaroos & tourists. This was precisely what Natasha thought when she planned her first solo trip to Australia. However, after getting back, she was thanking one thing: OVHC Health Insurance.

Read Natasha’s curious case to find out!

Working in the I.T. sector can be cumbersome for many, and a break from the routine work schedule can help on calm a person’s mind and get it back on the right track. And where better to enjoy one’s time off than the time spent in the Land Down Under!

So, Natasha starts with planning her trip, thinking of places to visit and activities to do! Well, her itinerary includes diving at the Great Barrier Reef, surfing at the Gold Coast, watching the sunset over the Yarra River, watching the Sydney Opera House while cruising at night, living nature and wildlife at Cape Byron Headland, etc. among many. The visits are not all; she plans to indulge herself in excellent food & cuisine Australia has to offer and live every bit of her Australian Dream.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? There’s a good thing coming up! Wait for it!

But one of her close friends, Vikas asks her to get an OVHC Health Cover before leaving to Australia. Insurance before travelling? Well, that’s just recommended by the Department of Home Affairs, Australia; it isn’t compulsory, so why ‘waste’ money on that? Well, after an hour or two of deliberation, Vikas, manages to convince her to have a decent level of OVHC before starting her weeklong trip to Australia.

Well, after a healthy & a great start to her trip, the combination of too much adventure, Chicken parmigiana & Ginger beer didn’t help her much, and she soon found her way to a hospital, instead of surfing at the Gold Coast as planned.

The recovery process wasn’t simple. In addition to the General Practitioner services, she had to avail the services of a Specialist, all thanks to her severe Gastric problem. Look deeper, and you’ll soon realize that she would have needed to pay for hospitalization, an ambulance from her place of stay, medications provided in – hospital, and most importantly, pharmacy expenses when she’d be discharged.

Well, the total treatment expenses came slightly over 1800 AU$. The prescribed pharma drugs were an extra 120 AU$. For a solo traveller, who came to enjoy her time, to eliminate her stress, the very sight of approximately 2000 AU$ was a shocker.

Remember her friend Vikas’ advice to buy a suitable OVHC health plan from a certified provider? Well, this ‘waste’ costing 150 AU$ covered her 2000 AU$. Yes, indeed! Natasha’s OVHC provider covered her for in – patient accommodation in their vast network of hospitals, hospital transport, fees for medical personnel, nursing care, hospital meals, and lots more!

Now comes the best part – Claiming the medical expenses incurred. The hospital expenses were taken care of in a week. Thanks to her friends’ advice, Natasha did not have to shell out a single dollar from her pocket towards medical expenses or face any unwanted hassles during the claim processes. All thanks to the perfect OVHC health insurance provider.

All hail Natasha for sharing her story with us. Like many, she aims to bust this myth of side-lining OVHC during a trip. As travellers, would we expect something so unfortunate like this? We can see, but not foresee! The crux: It’s always good to be prepared. Better safe than sorry.

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