OSHC Plan with Comprehensive Coverage – How it helped our client during Emergency?

This is the story of a young student Neeta, who like most of us, arrived in Australia to chase her dreams. Taking the decision of going overseas at the tender age of 19 was not easy for her as this was her first time leaving home and her family. But Neeta was on top of the world! She adjusted well, settled in and was happy with her life at University.  

One night, within four months of arriving in Australia, Neeta had to rush to the emergency room due to a severe urinary tract infection. She was alone, with no family or friends around for support. She was admitted at midnight while undergoing severe pain.

She was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk or even find the strength to talk to anyone. She was lonely and scared, staying overnight at a hospital in a different country. Fortunately, she was well taken care of by the staff and discharged in the morning with additional prescriptions to continue her treatment.

Although she was well and healthy in a few days, her stress was far from being over. The hospital bill arrived two weeks later. Due to the expeditious nature of her condition, she had to go to private hospital and treated immediately.  She was charged for her emergency treatment and the single bed in a shared room for the night.
This resulted in the treatment costing around $ 1200. In addition to this, the prescription drugs costed her extra $150. For an international student with no job and other daily expenses to take care of, $1200 was a massive amount of money.

Thankfully, Neeta had a good OSHC plan from a reputable health insurance provider which covered in-patient treatments for more than 90% of the private hospitals in Australia. The OSHC provider she had chosen had a good network of private hospitals under their scope of coverage which reduced out of pocket expenses of many overseas students even when admitted to a private hospital.

Neeta’s OSHC provider allowed claims for the entire treatment cost including in-patient accommodation fees (i.e. your bed stay, meals, and nursing care) of $1200. Additionally, she was able to claim a part of the pharmacy expenses as the OSHC provider covered up to $50 per prescribed medicine in the itemised pharmacy bill.

The entire process to claim medical expenses was super smooth one as Neeta used the insurance providers’ mobile app feature, designed to be instantaneous and yield quick results. The hospital bill was taken care of within 10 working days. Neeta did not have to spend a single penny from her pocket or face any hassles in the claims process.  This was all possible because she chose the right insurance provider.

Neeta shared her story with us because she wants to create awareness around the importance of choosing the right insurance plan. Nobody expects unfortunate events like this, but it is always a good idea to be prepared.

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