How to Find a Doctor in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful place to live in and expensive as well, especially when it comes to bear any medical expenses. So, do you know, how the medical system works in the land of Kangaroos?

How medical system works?

What to do when someone needs to visit a hospital?

There are two types of service in Australia
  1. Public hospital
  2. Private Hospital

Difference between Public and Private Hospital

Generally, services under Public hospital are almost free of cost under Medicare! There are some restrictions for RHCA citizens which are mentioned below! You cannot choose your doctor!

In case of choosing a private hospital, you can pick your doctor. But one must check with the Overseas Health Insurance Cover provider whether that private hospital is listed under their service. If yes, you can enjoy the benefits. Otherwise, you won’t be covered! For more information about the service provider, you can check

You can also log on to your service provider’s website and check ‘Find My Doctor’ option to avoid any extra costs!

What is Medicare in Australia?

Medicare is Australia’s public health care system for the citizens and residents under RHCA. Medicare offers free and subsidised cover for some services. If an international visitor faces any medical emergency, she/he may receive the benefits of Medicare! Though Medicare does not cover the expenses of a private hospital! you may not have the right to choose your own doctor in a public hospital as well! For every out of pocket expenses, you need to pay!

What is RHCA (Reciprocal Health Care Agreement)?

Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with countries like UK, Belgium, Italy, New Zealand, Malta, Slovenia, Sweden, Ireland, Finland, Norway. The Medicare system in Australia will benefit any citizen of these countries! They generally do not need to purchase any Overseas Health Insurance Cover unless they want to a full cover because there are some services which are not covered by Medicare! Citizens who includes under RHCA, cannot choose their doctor or preferred hospital. Sometimes, they may have to wait a long period before undergoing treatment. Read More.....


Even an overseas health insurance coverage does not cover everything! In Medicare, Ambulance services, private doctor access, private hospital cost are not covered. Similarly, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC) do not cover dental, skin, cancer and some other services! So, insurance providers offer Extra Cover facility. You need to buy an extra cover to avail of these services!

To live care freely and soak the beauties of Australia, one must buy an adequate Overseas Health Insurance Cover for them and do not forget to upgrade your policy whenever needed! All we can say is that never take your health as granted!
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