How Hazardous Choosing a Wrong Health Insurance Plan Can Be!


Getting a health insurance to visit or live in Australia is a thing that is often overlooked or given a less importance.
Even though it is one of the mandatory requirements to fulfil, a certain misconceptions revolve around the aspiring immigrants when it comes to buying an Overseas Visitors Health Cover.
This includes:
"Cheap policy will work for me as I am young and healthy”
"I have enough funds to face any emergency situation. I don’t need to go for higher coverage”
If you are also contemplating around such thoughts, then you ought to read this story.
This is a true story of Arjun (name changed for confidentiality) from India, who like any other professional, was excited of getting an opportunity to work in Australia on 457 visa.
He migrated to Australia with his family in 2012 and was really overwhelmed with his achievement.  He had everything on the table from the academic documents, employer sponsorship and health insurance (OVHC).  
Little did he know, his preferences in choosing the health cover, would lead him face horrible consequences.  
But where did his choices go wrong?
Without understanding the implications of choosing the wrong OVHC plan, Arjun chose to go with the cheapest policy all because he wanted to save some money.  
After Arjun arrived in Australia, within one year, he was detected with a life-threatening disease "Blood Cancer”. This was a devastating situation for the entire family.
His only ray of hope was that he and his family were covered for the medical expenses in Australia.
But, Arjun’s health insurance policy only covered the basic services and not the expenses for the treatment of bone marrow transplantation. He needed chemotherapy and radiation along with the support of highly trained medical professionals for a huge operation.
The Health care was definitely very expensive and hard to afford for Arjun and his family. He updated his plan to a Platinum Visitor Cover as this will cover all the treatments including bone marrow transplantation in Australia.
Unfortunately, updating a cover didn’t come for a rescue too for the family as the policies don’t cover existing illness for at least one year. There is a waiting period of 12 months to get the privileges of that cover.
Due to all these circumstances, he couldn’t afford to get treated in Australia, hence he had to fly back to his country for emergency treatment. He was only able to return to Australia after one year.
His wife who was working as Chef lost her job. Their children had to repeat a class. They had to start from scratch in an international country.
Fighting with a fatal disease with no support led the entire family with a severe psychological breakdown. Thankfully, Arjun’s family pulled through this crisis and Arjun emerged as a true fighter and survivor!!!
What happened in Arjun case, will not happen in everyone’s case. But do we have to wait for that situation to occur? Of Course Not!
So, make sure you choose the health insurance for your Australian visa that protects you the best and your family.
At, you can compare a wide range of OVHC & OSHC policies on different parameters like coverage, waiting period, emergency services, accommodation, etc and get the best quote at just one click.
Visit now and mitigate the risk of paying hefty medical costs for your entire duration of stay in Australia.


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