How Buying Health Insurance from Australia Saves One from the Hassles of Claim Settlement?

Uday’s (name changed for privacy) parents visited Australia first time in 2014 on tourist visa. They got an insurance policy from a reputed Indian insurance company before arriving in Australia.

When they arrived in Australia, they found the claim process of current health insurance to be lengthy and tedious hence they were unsure to continue further with the company.

Their son Uday did a research and found out an Australian company’s policy that covered most of the things like ambulance services, general dental, optical, GP visits etc. Hence, he got a bronze visitor + extras couple cover at the monthly premium of $356. Uday’s father also informed about his condition of prolonged diabetes as it is one of the mandatory requirement before getting a health insurance policy.
While Uday’s father was in Australia, he suffered from a sudden heart attack and needed emergency medical treatment. The total hospital expense for the entire treatment was $32,000. After the payments were done, the family went to the Australian insurance company for the claim. While processing the claim, the company studied the medical reports.

During the initial investigation, The insurance provider surmised that since Uday’s father was suffering from prolonged diabetes, his heart ailment might be a pre-existing condition which was not declared while getting the policy. Further to their investigation, they asked Uday to submit previous medical records to which he agreed and followed all the procedures without any deviation.

Uday submitted all the previous medical records of his father. After a quick deliberation, the insurance provider came to the conclusion that the pre-existing condition clause doesn’t imply here and hence Uday and his family were eligible for the cover of $18,000 under the restricted clause for cardiac arrest treatment (in accordance with the claims standard set forth for the bronze cover).  This was a great help for Uday and his family as the insurance company paid a huge sum of the medical expenses as promised.
Since, Uday made the right decision of moving to an Australian insurance company, it helped him to deal with the large sum of emergency medical expenses. Now his parents keep visiting Australia after every 6 months.

When his parents are not in Australia, he blocks the membership which means he doesn’t have to pay the monthly premium of $356 for that duration. When they are back in Australia, he unblocks the membership and his parents are again covered by the policy. Hence this Australian company’s policy was ideal for him and his family.

If you are also living in Australia and have parents who need to visit you frequently, with a right level of health cover you can make sure you and your loved ones are covered in case any injury or accident happen.

Being a group of professional immigration consultants, we at Aussizz Group always work by the sweat of our brow to make sure our client fulfils every obligation to migrate to Australia and have a peaceful stay here. Apart from providing assistance for the visa process, we also extend our support in choosing the best health cover for them and their dependents.

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