Visiting Australia? And Need a Health Insurance Cover?

An IMAN Healthcare Cover will ensure that your stay in Australia is spent without any hassles!

Why Choose Us?

We're a Brand You Can Trust!

IMAN Australian Health Cover Plans have been around for more than 30 years, to take care of its clients who of to travel, work, or stay in Australia. This here is a brand that has served a huge clientele, and has its name taken with the best Healthcare Cover Plans from all across the globe.

Because It's Affordable!

An IMAN Health Cover starts from only $17.45 per week for singles, and you can drop your worries to encounter any unexpected health-related problem to catch you off guard. Because IMAN will be there to protect you.

We Care - Before, as well as After Life

Not just other medical expenses, but expenses related to funeral, cover for returning an individual's body or returning their ashes to their home country or a medical escort if repatriation is required - it's all taken care by an IMAN Health Cover Plan.

About IMAN

IMAN has been in the business of providing health cover to people working overseas, since more than three decades.

Every IMAN Australian Health Plan has been carefully designed by people who hold expertise in every single detail related to the healthcare system of this country. All Health Plans at IMAN comply with the requirements of the Department of Immigration,with respect to the 457 Visa Application. These Plans include the cover for ambulance, hospital admission, and such.

For your stay in Australia, you can always expect an IMAN Health Cover Plan take care of you, giving you nothing but a peace of mind.

Main Features

All the aspects of your hospital case will be monitored - right from your admission, through to your discharge, and finally your return home.
You will get a 100% cover for medically essential repatriation to your home country.
All burial expenses, or the expenses regarding the returning your body or ashes to your home country will be taken care of.
Some of the Plans fully cover all the public and private hospital ER costs.

Visa letter instantly

If you plan to stay in Australia to study, travel, or work - you will need a Health Plan that complies with the Department of Immigration requirements for the 457 Visa Application. With IMAN you side, you can rest assured to have exactly the health cover to meet the 457, 485, and other working visa requirements of yours. You will even be provided with a letter to go with your visa application, immediately after you joining.

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Start from $73.23*

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The great country that Australia is, it's the stringent healthcare system it follows that adds to its greatness.

And at IMAN, we have the best health plans for you to help you spend a hassle-free time in Australia. You can contact us at and one of our agents will get back to you explaining the plan that best suits your needs!

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