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Visiting Australia? And Need a Health Insurance Cover?

Studying, working visiting, or living in Australia - the one health cover always on your side, the OSHC that doesn't let you worry a bit - it's ahm!

Why Choose ahm?

We're a Healthcare Brand to Reckon With!

We have been in the healthcare business since more than 40 years, and have catered to about 360,000 people in Australia, both residents and overseas students. We understand the health related needs of people and we make sure that they get everything they need, whether it's during a medical emergency, or if it is to get an Australian visa.

Ours is a Broad Network!

At the time of any medical emergency, an ah healthcare plan will make sure you get connected to the nearest GP (General Practitioner, as our doctors in Australia known as), a hospital, ambulance, and also a pharmacy, as soon as possible.

We Understand, We Care!

We know that the convenience for a resident by having an access to Medicare is not available with an overseas student. That is why, our brand of OSHC makes sure that every non-resident has an access to all they need to have a healthy stay in Australia.


About ahm

ahm, short for Australian Health Management, has been in the healthcare industry serving hundreds of thousands of people, including both residents and overseas students, across Australia, since over four decades.

Now, going to foreign country, one needs to arrange an OSHC to go along their visa application. Though a slightly tricky process, with ahm you will find the process straightforward, and hassle-free. Plus, our partnership with a range of service providers in Australia, dealing with accomodation, banking, cellphones, etc. will further help you settle in.

Coming to ahm-OSHC, therefore, will definitely prove to be one of the best decisions you will make.

Main Features

With an ahm health cover plan, a part of the cost of any prescription medication will be paid by us.
ahm will pay the benefits towards the cost of accommodation, OT fee, etc. if you ever fall sick, under the condition that you'd have served the applicable waiting periods.
While most of the times you will have to pay your doctor's fee and claim it later on from us, there are a few GPs who directly charge ahm.
Our health cover plans will have help you meet the visa requirements as stated by the Department of Immigration, therefore help you in getting your visa granted.

Visa Letter Instantly

Going to Australia is a dream of many - whether it is to study at any of the top global institutes there, work at an internationally reputed company, or just live and bask in the glory of the country. But, the stringent healthcare laws make visa acceptance a real difficulty sometimes. With a health cover plan from ahm though, you'd be able to drop all your worries at once! Just don't forget to provide us with your valid personal details including your email id, along with your application.

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For more information and to get a quote, visit ahm here.

And Now, It's Time To Roll!

Your dreams of studying, working, or living in Australia will not get quashed because of not having a legitimate health cover, ever! To get in touch with the best overseas health cover for Australia, give us a ring at support@getmypolicy.online.

You will have one of our agents get in touch with you, as soon as possible, with everything you need to know about every health cover plan that we have; you can then choose the plan that best meets your needs!

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